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Shiri Gur-Cohen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Medicine

Every day we lose and replace billions of cells in our body. In fact, within only a few months, you will replace a mass of cells equivalent to a new you. Can we rewire this process so that it goes on forever- dying younger as later as possible?

The Gur-Cohen lab takes an inside look into the world of epithelial stem cells, that are the key to unlocking the secret on how to renew our body surface, replenish dying cells, and repair wounds.

Research efforts in the Gur-Cohen’s lab focus on mechanisms of how epithelial stem cells are communicating with their supporting microenvironment to maintain 'stemness' identity and achieve coordinated tissue regeneration. We apply core techniques in cell biology, microscopy, mouse genetics and biophysics to address fundamental questions in stem cell biology.

We seek to understand the cellular networks that drive and constrain stem cell activity and elucidating how environmental cues are interpreted to guide stem cell behavior. Our ultimate goal is to harness stem cell regenerative potential to develop new strategies for precise tissue repair.

Shiri Gur-Cohen, PhD
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