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Faculty Science

Stem Cell Research Focus Areas include:

  • Disease Research 

    • Understanding disease mechanisms​

    • Generate specific cell types to treat conditions or test new drugs

  • Developmental Biology​

    • Understand the fundamental processes of human development​

  • Regenerative Medicine​

    • Using stem cells to repair or replace damaged tissues and organs​

Brian Aguado, PhD

Assistant Professor, Bioengineering

We seek to use precision biomaterials as tools to determine sex-specific mechanisms of cardiovascular disease progression at multiple length scales. We are also interested in characterizing sex-specific biology associated with cancer metastasis, stem cell biology, and inflammation.

Eric Ahrens, PhD

Professor, Radiology

Marianna Alperin, MD

Professor, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences

We use a multi-prong approach to study the impact of pregnancy, birth injury, and aging on the structure, function, plasticity , and regenerative potential of the female pelvic soft tissues.

David Cheresh, PhD.

Distirguished Professor, Pathology

Our research focuses on the overarching theme of how cell surface receptors mediate an invasive phenotype by promoting adaptations that support survival in the face of stress.

Karen Christman, PhD

Professor, Bioengineering

Our lab's goal is to develop minimally invasive, biomaterials based therapies for myocardial infarction, heart failure, and peripheral artery disease.

Heidi Cook-Anderson

Assistant Professor, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences

Our lab is working to understand the gene regulatory mechanisms that orchestrate early developmental events.

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