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Evan Snyder, MD, PhD


We believe the study of stem cell biology will provide insights into many areas: developmental biology, homeostasis in the normal adult, and recovery from injury. Indeed, past and current research has already produced data in these areas that would have been difficult or impossible via any other vehicle. We have engaged in a multidisciplinary approach, simultaneously exploring the basic biology of stem cells, their role throughout the lifetime of an individual, as well as their therapeutic potential. Taken together, these bodies of knowledge will glean the greatest benefit for scientists and, most importantly, for patients. All of our research to date has been preformed in animal models with the ultimate goal of bringing them to clinical trials as soon as possible. Stem cells offer an intriguing mix of controversy, discovery, and hope. Politicians are charged with dealing with the controversial facets of stem cells, as we prefer to focus our energy on their potential for discovery and hope.


The Snyder Lab studies stem cell biology, with the goal of understanding normal development, tissue homeostasis, and recovery from injury and disease. A major focus is neural stem cells (NSCs), which can self-renew and differentiate into neurons, astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes. These properties make NSCs ideal for repair of damage due to injury or disease, but they also make them susceptible to transformation into malignant cancers.

Evan Snyder, MD, PhD
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