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David Cheresh, PhD.

Distirguished Professor, Pathology

Dr. Cheresh is a Distinguished Professor and Vice Chair in the Department of Pathology at UC San Diego, and a member of the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Dr. Cheresh earned his PhD in Immunology at the University of Miami in 1982.

Prior to relocating his laboratory to UCSD in 2005, Dr. Cheresh was a professor in the Departments of Immunology and Vascular Biology at The Scripps Research Institute.

Our research focuses on the overarching theme of how cell surface receptors mediate an invasive phenotype by promoting adaptations that support survival in the face of stress.  

While this is a critical component of physiological remodeling processes such as angiogenesis, tumor cells often hijack these same pathways to promote metastasis and tumor progression.  

We combine basic and translational cancer research to develop new strategies for cancer therapy.       

David Cheresh, PhD.
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