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SCI-FI Seminar Series

On behalf of the Sanford Consortium and the Sanford Institute Discovery Center, we are excited to announce the revival of the Trainee Seminar Series: Sanford Stem Cell Institute Future Innovators (SCI-FI) here at the Sanford Consortium! 

The aim of SCI-FI Seminars is to foster career development and training opportunities for postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, trainees, and research staff within our community, aiming to provide an avenue to showcase their important research and connect with each other within the Sanford Consortium community. 

Trainees and staff will have the opportunity to present their current ongoing research and receive constructive feedback from faculty members of our Sanford Consortium community. The Sanford SCI-FI seminar series will take place twice a month, and presenters will have 20 min presentation time +10 min of Q&A (presentations will not be broadcasted over zoom). After the seminar, food and fun activities will be provided to allow all trainees to meet each other and have SCI-FI fun!

The seminar series will take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 3-4PM in conference room 1013A/B at the Sanford Consortium.

We are looking for outstanding graduate students, postdocs, research scientists and research staff who would like to be invited to speak at this prestigious seminar series. If you are interested in being a speaker, please fill out the google form here. All invited speakers will be featured on the Sanford Consortium new website, social media and placed in a raffle for the opportunity to win a gift card. 

We are so excited for this incredible seminar series and can’t wait to hear all about the amazing research that you all are conducting.

If you have any questions, please click here to reach out to any of us. 

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SCI-Fi Seminar Series

January 11, 2024

3pm - 4pm

2880 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, La Jolla, CA, USA

1013 A/B

This weeks' Theme:

Stem Cells in Aging & Cancer

1013 A/B

Fanny Zhou

Age-related changes in Hematopoietic STem Cell Proteostasis Promote the Emergence of Clonal Hematopoiesis

1013 A/B

Jaya Thangaraj

Disruption of TGB-b signaling pathway is required to mediate effective killing of hepatocellular carcinoma by human iPSC-derived NK cells

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